55x800g sony review

We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. It delivers decent overall picture quality, but has a very low contrast ratio and bad black uniformity, so it isn't a great choice for a dark room.

Unfortunately, it also doesn't have a local dimming feature to help with black levels. On the bright side, this TV has great peak brightness and excellent reflection handling, so it should have no trouble overcoming glare in a bright room, and the image remains accurate when viewed at an angle. It's a great TV for gaming, as it has outstanding low input lag, the lowest of any recent Sony TV, and an excellent response time. Note: The 85" model has a VA panel, and though we haven't tested it, we'd expect it to look much better in a dark room, but have worse viewing angles.

It's a great choice for sports, TV shows, or video games thanks to its fairly wide viewing angles and fast response time. Unfortunately, due to its IPS panel, its contrast and black uniformity are poor, so it may not be the best for watching movies in dark rooms, as blacks will appear gray and cloudy. On the bright side, it can get decently bright for HDR content, and it has a fairly wide color gamut, so HDR content should look good, though it may not pop quite as much as the creator intended.

Due to its IPS panel, it has a disappointing contrast ratio, and in dark rooms blacks will appear gray and cloudy. It's worth noting that the 85" model of this TV uses a VA panel, so we'd expect it to perform better in this regard.

It also doesn't have a local dimming feature to help with its black levels. It has excellent reflection handling so even in bright rooms, glare shouldn't be too much of an issue. The viewing angles are also quite decent, so you should still get a fairly accurate image if you watch TV from the side, or while walking around.

Thanks to its IPS panel, it has decently wide viewing angles, so a large group of friends can all watch the game at the same time and still get the same accurate image. It also has an excellent fast response time, so fast-moving objects should look clear and have very little blur. It has a very fast response time, so motion should look clear with very little blur, and its superbly low input lag means that you shouldn't notice any delay.

Its poor contrast and black uniformity means that while watching movies in a dark room, blacks will appear gray and cloudy. It also can't get quite bright enough for HDR content to really pop. On the bright side, this TV has a fairly wide color gamut, which will help HDR content look closer to the way the creator intended. Unfortunately, its HDR performance is only acceptable, partly due to the fact that the screen can't get quite bright enough for HDR to really shine.By Simon Lucas TZ.

But Sony assures us an upgrade will be forthcoming sooner rather than later, which would bring it more into line with the best gaming TVs. In the meantime, though, it still has plenty to recommend it. So unless your requirements tend only towards the best inch TVs or best to inch TVsthere should be something here to suit you.

By backlighting its LCD pixels across the entirety of the screen rather than directing light just from around the edges, the Sony has by far the best chance of delivering proper backlight uniformity as well as its chassis going back a little bit further than you might have expected. There are four HDMI 2. Elsewhere, there are aerial posts for one terrestrial and two satellite TV tuners, an Ethernet socket, a couple of USB inputs and a composite video input.

There are also physical outputs for headphones via 3. Here, its Acoustic Multi Audio system comprises a total of 20 watts of power, driving two full-range speakers and a couple of tweeters. These last two are high up at the rear of the chassis, one on either side, and the intention is to offer sonic movement that matches movement of images on the screen.

And its best is well worth seeing. Edges are drawn smoothly, picture noise is suppressed almost entirely, and the all-important skin-tones and -textures are completely convincing. The Sony offers up strong and well-defined contrasts, too. As far as detail, texture, colour and contrast are concerned, the XH90 is deeply impressive — the Sony can call on a burgeoning database of 4K-relevant images inform how it upscales to fit its mighty resolution, and as a result its Full HD-to-4K upscaling is satisfying in the extreme.

The current lack of HDMI 2. Ultimately, though, you should be prepared to budget to bring the audio quality into line with the video quality when you're spending on a more premium TV. The industrial design of the KDXH is, really, about all you could ask for. It does the job, though, even if it lacks the premium feel of the TV itself. Keep your instructions brief, both in length of words and length of sentences, and all should be well.

54.6" Sony XBR-55X800G - Write a review

Your voice, or the remote control, is used to navigate an Android 9. In the simplest terms, this is a very good TV indeed.

At smaller sizes, it doesn't have the same big value lead — as we'll detail below — but remains an excellent choice, with the caveat that its support for next-gen HDMI features for the PS5 and Xbox Series X aren't included yet.According to Sony, the three sets have identical specifications save dimensions and weight and should offer similar performance. Where does cutting edge performance meet cutting edge price? Sony is even sweetening the pot this season by tossing in two pair of active-shutter 3D glasses, an HDMI cable, and a copy of Alice in Wonderland on 3D Blu-ray to compete with other holiday 3D promotions available this year.

The NX makes a sweet impression straight away. The ultra-thin, glossy black bezel around the screen gives it the look and feel of a super high-end display. Even the screen itself looks much like a black mirror when the unit is powered down. The NX is loaded with goodies. Its LED screen is illuminated using a proprietary edge-lighting system. The NX boasts a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of up to degrees, making it a good choice for those with large rooms where the TV may not always be viewed from directly in front of it.

Before we got to enjoy some eye candy, we did a basic calibration of the NXs video settings using Digital Video Essentials, a popular Blu-ray video calibration disc. We were impressed to find that the NX required very little adjustment out of the box to achieve some pretty accurate brightness, contrast and color production.

We had to disable a few features to get the basic adjustments made, but were able to add them back in one at a time to gauge the effect they had on the image. The Sony had no problem handling the subtle variations in black levels on our test disc. It did not appear that the NX clipped any of the content below true black.

Having viewed this same movie several times on a myriad of other displays, we are familiar with many scenes and have come to expect a certain level of performance. The NX surpassed our expectations handily. Dark, forested areas within the frame exhibited details that budget displays tend to miss.

55x800g sony review

There was also a balance to the color production that helped bring the image to life. Most manufacturers incorporate some sort of processing designed to minimize the blur and make for a more stable, crisp image. Unfortunately, most of these processors do a very poor job and end up making the image look as if it is being artificially panned one direction or another.

In most cases, we just turn the feature off and dealt with the blurring during fast motion scenes. The effect was so impressive, that it may be one of our favorite features of this particular TV. Before we discuss the 3D performance of the NX, we should mention that 3D at home is still a budding technology.

Even with extremely affordable players, the public is still slow to get on board with Blu-ray, so it is fair to assume that 3D will take a year or two if not many more before it really takes off.

That being said, the Sony NX pulled off some pretty impressive 3D effects for us. It is clear that the notion behind 3D has changed in recent years. Instead of trying to shock viewers into believing something is being hurled at their face, directors seem to want to lure the viewer into the picture rather than just stare at it.

In time, new technologies and more 3D content could change the way we experience movies at home. For now, though, 3D technology still suffers from some limitations.

Speaking of the active shutter glasses — not only do they require a hefty initial investment, but one must also consider the recurring expense of buying the batteries that power the glasses. In fact, some of us conjecture that 3D may have a faster future in gaming than it does in movies or sports.

Time will tell.We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. It has very good motion handling, with an excellent response time, so fast-moving objects look great, with very little blur behind them.

Unfortunately, like the majority of IPS TVs, this TV doesn't look as good in a dark room, as blacks look gray in a dark viewing environment. It also has higher than average input lag, which, while fine for casual gamers, may be disappointing for serious gamers or if you're planning on using it as a PC monitor. It is well-suited for a bright room, with wide viewing angles, but doesn't look as good in a dark room.

It has very good motion handling, with an excellent response time, but has limited motion processing options, and can't remove judder from all sources. It has relatively low input lag, which is fine for casual gamers, but may disappoint more serious gamers. The XG is a mediocre TV for watching movies in a dark room. The contrast ratio is too low to produce deep blacks, and this is especially noticeable in a dark room, and blacks appear gray. This model also lacks a local dimming feature, and has disappointing black uniformity.

It upscales p content well though, great if most of your movies are on Blu-ray, and it can remove judder, but only from true 24p sources. This is a great TV for watching TV shows during the day. It has wide viewing angles, good reflection handling, and good peak brightness, which is great if you like to move around with the TV on during the day.

The smart platform has a huge selection of apps, and most streaming services are available. This TV also upscales older, lower resolution content really well, and TV shows on Blu-ray look great.

This is a very good TV for watching sports during the day, especially as a group.

Review Sony XG8096 - X800G Nueva Television 4K UHD HDR Android TV 2019

It has wide viewing angles, good peak brightness, and good reflection handling, great for watching the big game with a group of friends. It has a fast response time, so there is minimal blur behind fast moving objects or playersand it has decent gray uniformity. The XG is a good TV for playing video games, especially console games. It has a fast response time, so there is little blur behind fast-moving objects in your favorite games, and although it has low input lag in Game mode, it is higher than most TVs currently on the market.

Unfortunately, this TV doesn't support any advanced gaming features, such as a variable refresh rate, and it has a 60Hz refresh rate, which may disappoint some gamers. The contrast ratio is very low, so blacks look gray in a dark room, and it lacks a local dimming feature to compensate for this. This isn't as noticeable in a bright room though. It can display a wide color gamut, which is great, but it can't get very bright in HDR, so bright highlights don't stand out as much as they should.

Unfortunately, it has a mediocre contrast ratio, no local dimming, and disappointing black uniformity, so it isn't ideal for gaming in a dark room. It can display a wide color gamut, which is great, but has mediocre color volume, and can't get very bright in HDR.

It has an excellent response time, so there is little distracting blur behind moving objects, including the mouse pointer. The image remains accurate when viewed at an angle, which is great if you are sitting close to it, as the sides of the screen remain uniform. It can display proper chroma with p, p, and 4k content, and it can use nearest neighbor upscaling when sent a p signal, which some people prefer.

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Sony Bravia KDL-55NX810 Review

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55x800g sony review

ENDLESS SIZZLE ran six lengths back from the winner at only start at Toowoomba on a soft track but drops in weight, needs the breaks. Snuggle Pot (3) 3. Spur With Ease (6) 2. Jomar Saga (1) 5. Telloff (4) SNUGGLE POT generally races near the speed and all wins have come when faced with dry ground, will take the power of beating.

SPUR WITH EASE 2 wins from seven attempts this campaign and finished fifth last start at Roma, outside hope. JOMAR SAGA back after 37 week break and generally strong first-up placing at Toowoomba last attempt, for the exotics. TELLOFF all wins have come when faced with dry ground and won't be far away in the run, for the wider exotics.What we really appreciated was that we could and did email Cecilia from Nordic Visitor many times with questions and special requests and these were sorted out promptly and in a friendly manner.

Even when our initial flight was delayed we contacted Cecilia on route and she adjusted our flight pickup service. We will use Nordic Visitor again.

Nordic Visitor set up a tremendous self-drive tour for us. Arnar Thor was a pleasure to work with. Friendly, courteous and professional. Helped us change hotels mid-tour quickly and efficiently. Gave us great suggestions on what to see and do outside of the standards like Geysir and Gulfoss.

You will not be disappointed. Nordic Visitor arranged a Grand Tour of Iceland for us (a couple about 60) over 17 days in late May and early June of 2012. Then the next day we were collected again and taken to pick up our hire car, all of which went very smoothly.

Nordic Visitor lent us a mobile phone, which was comforting to have but which in the event we didn't need.

55x800g sony review

The car came with an excellent satellite navigation device, which we certainly did need, and used all the time. We opted for the more expensive end of the accommodation, and were very happy with the rooms Nordic Visitor secured for us. We were unable to drive far into the highlands, though, because it was still early in the summer, and some of the roads were still closed.

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Overall, we couldn't have wished for better from Nordic Visitor. They gave us a real sense of personal service, we knew that they would have done their best had there been any problems for us, but mostly because of their meticulous planning, there were none.

Sony XH90/X900H review: an excellent mid-range 4K TV

Very well organized trip, Bjarni is great help to get the itinerary and accommodation to my expectation, very professional, will definitely recommend to anyone who want to travel to Nordics. Thank you so much for the great trip with everything working so smoothly. Loved the way the accommodations were chosen giving us the opportunity to experience different housing from modern hotel in Reykjavik to small family business hotel and horse country farm (which by the way was our favourite with the most amazing homemade food :).

The tour was well thought so we can enjoy at maximum the beauty and diversity of Iceland. We really enjoy our trip and we will definitely come back and recommend your company to all our friends in Vancouver. Arnar Thor was VERY helpful and patient. He helped us a great deal. The accomodations were outstanding. Every hotel was great. In fact, I have written them all up on Trip Advisor, we enjoyed them so much I do not believe it is possible to do better than Nordic Visitor did for us for this tour.

This was easier to do than I anticipated. Once I got familiar with the rental car and driving conditions, all I had to do was make it to the next hotel and everything was taken care of.

The one thing about Iceland I didn't expect was the attitude of Icelanders. They are such a happy and joyful people to be around, you can't help but have a wonderful time. The beauty of Iceland isn't just in the scenery, it is in the people themselves, the food they eat, the music they listen to.

This trip far exceeded my expectations.

55x800g sony review

I can't thank you enough for having me as one of your guests. In general, my experience with Nordic Visitor and the trip they provided for me was exceptional.

Everything was well organised, plenty of information, some of the accommodation in the more remote areas was very basic but that is to be expected given its location. Overall, there are no doubts whether or not I would recommend Nordic Visitor - in fact I'm already looking on the website hoping to plan a trip to some of the other destinations.

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